Bay Lake, United States - Polarsteps

One of the things you should go to when you are in the area, is Epcot. This theme park is all about displaying several countries and what mankind has achieved so far on earth and the universe. You will find several countries displayed around the lake. Landmarks and/or city streets have been replicated to give visitors an impression of the displayed country. In order to enhance this, people who are actually from that country are working at the food stands and are leading tours. It even smells like the country. Out of the rides, I can highly recommend “soarin”. This is a flight simulator attraction that lifts you on hang gliders for a scenic aerial tour of the wonders of the world, like the wall of China, Sydney Harbour, Swiss Alps, the Eiffel Tower, and many more amazing destinations. Every destination has its own scent to make the experience more realistic. Very very very breathtaking and highly recommendable! Tomorrow I will be visiting Universal Studios, so stay tuned :)
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