Orlando, United States - Polarsteps

Today I visited a theme park you probably have heard off before; Universal Studios. The attractions and performances are based on movies and tv shows such as Harry Potter, The Mummy, The Hulk, Fear Factor and many more. In this theme park you will find replicas of New York, San Francisco and Hollywood. The quality of the attractions, performances and replica’s is very high and definitely impressive to experience. Especially The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, where they have replicated Diagon Alley with an exciting thrill ride included through the Gringots Wizarding Bank Vaults. One major downside for me was that the attractions are mostly 3D (roller coaster) rides, which are impressive, but also make you feel sick very quickly due to motion sickness. There are also not a lot of attractions or shows in this park. Adventure Island is better for this but then you need an admission for that park as well, and the parks are not cheap. Tomorrow I will take it easy because on Wednesday, I will be going to Kennedy Space Centre to explore that theme park, but I will also see an actual launch of a rocket! Very excited for this! (Update: just noticed that they have rescheduled the launch to Friday. Will go to jacksonville and St Augustine on Wednesday instead and hope for the best on Friday.)
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