Hoofddorp, Netherlands - Polarsteps

Thats it! I am back in The Netherlands, so that means that this trip is over! Beautiful weather, amazing sceneries, great experiences and a big amount of luck! It made me enjoy this holiday to the max! I wanted to visit the United States for quite a while and now I was finally able to actually do it. One thing is for sure; Florida is not the only state I will visit in my life ;) Some tips if you want to do this trip: - Rent a car with Alamo. They are cheap and their service is amazing with zero liability on scratches and dents. The cars I was able to chose from were all fairly new as well. - Skip Tampa. It is not worth it with a lot of bad neighbourhoods and the city is nothing special. - Florida is big and you will be driving a lot if you are doing this trip. In 3 weeks I drove more than 2200 miles (3500 km). So get a comfortable car. - This is an active itinerary. You will see and do amazing things, but there is not a lot of time to relax. Skip the east coast, if you want to have more time in between traveling from place A to place B. - Stay with Airbnb’s if possible. It is cheaper than hotels, you are going to meet a lot of amazing people, and it really gives you the “live like a local” experience. Often you can also use the kitchen for cooking and the washing machine/dryer for doing your laundry. See you on my next trip!
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