Marlborough, Australia - Polarsteps

The last few days were total chaos due to the cyclone that hit shore a little bit up north from where we were! People in panic, crying on the phone talking to greyhound and friends/family, but luckily Jamie and I managed to get a room for 2 more nights!! Our Greyhound was still cancelled for at least the next few days, but thank god we had a room to sleep in. We met a Dutch couple the next day who offered us to go with them to Airlie Beach (they had a own car), so we did. We slept somewhere in the middle of nowhere around Marlborough, sleeping in a tent with 90% humidity, cockroaches, mosquitos, flies and no light. Had the worst night ever that night! Woke up the next morning, covered in sweat and 59 mosquito bites (!!!!!!!!!!!) while I was only outside the tent for like 45 minutes having dinner.. I did see the most and clearest stars I have ever seen in my life!
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