Delfzijl, Netherlands - Polarsteps

First day: Groningen to Delfzijl! We had a beautiful morning at Martini Hotel, saying goodbye and speaking with RTV Noord and Job from Dagblad. We left the hotel at around 11, and walked east, following the canal towards Overschilde for many kilometers. The path was long and straight with no end in sight, and we were surrounded only by flat green fields. We walked in near silence for the first two hours, no music and no thoughts, just enjoying the weather. The last 5 hours were absolute hell - I took the backpack and Olivier the cart. My hip joints and feet were aching and Olivier's ankle was causing him trouble. When I took off the backpack it felt like walking on the moon. We had to take a couple of detours due to Google maps being unreliable and sending us to a couple of nonexistent cycle paths; we only arrived at the hotel at around 7pm. It seems like there are no ferries across the water to Emden, so unfortunately we will have to travel tomorrow to Scheemda and go around the inlet to reach our Warm Showers house near Moormerland.
  1. LilyandOlivier
  2. Sign, Groningen - SAF, Stockholm
  3. Delfzijl