Moormerland, Germany - Polarsteps

When Frodo and Sam were rescued at the very last moment by Gandalf and the eagles on Mt. Doom, it feels totally unrealistic. But today we ran down the harbour and got on a gas freight ship, that happened to be heading directly to Emden. Everyone onboard was really sweet to us. Jack, Francis, and the captain were all enthusiastic about the project. Francis tried out the treadmill at the back of the ship, and we spent the best hour and a half so far just enjoying the scenery and chatting to the sailors. They dropped us off in the middle of a gas processing plant, and we walked out of the industrial area to a long dirt track that ran alongside the canal. It was a beautiful walking route that stretched on for about 15km, which unfortunately degraded halfway through into a horrifying muddy mess. We had to half-carry, half-drag Boldemort through the puddles and uneven ground. It took a bit longer than expected, but when we arrived in Oldersum Holger greeted us warmly. It was his birthday, and his close friend, wife, and neighbours came over for dinner. He made us mashed potatoes and meatballs and we ate an excessive amount. Olivier chatted to him in German about his bike trips and he gave us some great advice. He will walk with us tomorrow for the first five kilometres with his dog.
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