Großefehn, Germany - Polarsteps

This morning we had self made bread from Holger. It was seedy and creamy almost like cake yum yum. He and his brown chocolate lab walked us through the swamplands. We saw our second water rat. Lily made a nice graffiti painting underneath the highway. It was humid and cold. A tiny bag of hagelslag never tasted so good. Tears were shed. After many kilometres we arrived early at Marion’s house. She didn’t expect us and had to rush to the dentist. Also her father had died. The funeral is tomorrow. Still she didn’t want us to freeze so we could sleep over. Saint Marion. The daughter of Marion went to Tanzania a few years ago and got married. A Tanzanian friend of her is now living with Marion and husband and other daughter. She’s working in a bakery. She grew up at the feet of Mount Kilimanjaro. The daughter that is still living at home is really cool and drinks beer with us. We eat ecological potatoes from a local farm. The husband of Marion is a legend and beats us all in the card game called wizard. Wicked day. Love to y’all. Tomorrow we want to sleep in a church. Blessssss
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