Varel, Germany - Polarsteps

We left the Bohr household this morning a bit later than they did, as they had to start driving towards Hamburg at 7am for a funeral. They baked us a fresh loaf of bread for the day, and we wrote a note in their guestbook thanking them. It was freezing outside, and we got a bit disheartened about the length we had to walk to Varel, and the fact that our accommodation had fallen through. After around 27km the back tires of the bolderkar were so flat that we were more dragging it than rolling it, and the morale was getting really low. We stopped to talk to an older lady, who told us that walking in the fresh air through the forest is what keeps her young. A car then pulled over, Christina was taking her two children to horse riding lessons and offered to give us a ride the rest of the way to Varel. The bolderkar barely fit in the back of her car. We told her about our lack of accommodation. She told us we could try to call the church. They wanted to have us. But we had to wait a bit and had a beer in a dart bar. So at 19:00 o’clock we were welcomed in the home of Karen and Dirk. We had a lovely evening with conversation, wine and cheese. And of course the treadmill. Even dachshund Bettie went for a ride.
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