Nordenham, Germany - Polarsteps

Karen and Dirk, the pastor of Varel, made us tea and breakfast this morning. Karen was concerned about my cough and how it seemed to be getting worse, and gave me a handful of Lemsip - a British flu remedy - for the road. Dirk then took us to the farmer's market and told us a bit about the town, and the social initiatives set up by the church to run a food bank and homeless shelter. We bought some fruit and supplies there. After talking more about my cough and Olivier's ankle, Dirk insisted on packing the bolderkar into his car and giving us a tour around the local harbour, before driving us all the way to Norderham, our next destination. The weather was bitterly cold and raining, so we decided to have a rest day there. After checking into our Airbnb and chatting a bit to the host about our journey, she agreed to help us do a load of laundry while we caught up on writing and figuring out finances. We've both lost a bit of weight at this point, so Olivier cooked a huge curry and we took it slow.
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