Bremerhaven, Germany - Polarsteps

This morning started off with a proper breakfast for champions: pasta pesto. We walked around 10km to the harbour at Blexen and talked about Olivier’s job as a coffin bearer at funeral services in Maastricht. At the harbour we met two older women from Las Vegas who were also taking the ferry, and they tried to help us find a place to sleep but they had forgotten their phones. After 12 minutes the ferry arrived in Bremerhaven, and it was sleeting. We had no plan whatsoever, and two hours to find a place to sleep before we missed the deadline for booking a camping spot. We wandered to the Kunstmuseum Bremerhaven which was one of the only places open on a Sunday. There were two people working at the desk and they wanted to know why we had so much stuff with us, so we told them about our project and got two tickets to see the current exhibition. There were three floors and the curation was super eclectic, there seemed to be an artwork in every medium. We particularly liked the work by Dick Bell, “Butt a fly on my face your Ass”. As we were viewing the final video work, one of the workers from the desk came upstairs and told us he found us a place to sleep at an art initiative, and spat on Olivier’s face by accident. We walked to the gallery space and Mr Schmeckle was waiting there to greet us. He showed us around Gotyestrasse 45 and then took us to his apartment upstairs, and we chatted about his initiative and our journey. He gave us a set of spare keys to his house and we went out to get some lunch at a British themed bistro. We then walked to the harbour and explored a shopping mall which had been modelled to look like an Italian village. Afterwards it started raining like frozen knives, and we got drenched walking back to Gotyestr. 45. Mr Schmeckle let us take a hot shower and relax a bit, and we listened to his favourite album of a band from Bremerhaven who his dad was friends with.
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