Bad Bederkesa, Germany - Polarsteps

We left Goethe 45 this morning around 9:30 after having a super friendly morning with Moritz. The night before we had ordered pizza with him, and made him a drawing which he framed in his house. The 22km walk flew by almost easily - we both felt really strong and full of energy. We passed through a record 4 small towns, and stopped by a railway track in the middle to eat half a jar of peanut butter. We passed by a memorial for a married couple by the side of the road, which had fallen, and stood it back up. We arrived at Karen and Jürgen’s house around 2:30 after having a big sandwich, and were immediately given a huge bowl of stew which we devoured. Karen showed us a photo book of their incredible family biking trip around Europe, which they pulled the kids out of school for. Lily took the dog Pelle on her lap and while she did she jammed his head against the bottom of the table. The daughter of the family was making a man made of willow sticks and we helped. Overall they spoke very well English so we could make great conversation. We went to bed really early to give our legs some time for growing.
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  2. Sign, Groningen - SAF, Stockholm
  3. Bad Bederkesa