Hemmoor, Germany - Polarsteps

U can’t touch this. MC Hemmoor. Waking up with the sound of birds chirping. Spring is coming. Breakfast is served by Jürgen, a kind father, a kind man. It is time to leave yet another family, another home. We can’t find our yellow bungee, the one we use to pull the cart. We find an alternative. But after walking for an hour we hear people screaming. It is Paula, the daughter of the family on her bike, with her friend. They found the bungee! Great characters. The road to Hemmoor is beautiful not only in flora also in fauna. Flocks of deer unaware of our approach gather at the edge of small tree groups. Huge birds, cranes, that are taking a rest from their migration. Majestic creatures, must be tasty on the barbecue? We are hungry even hangry maybe. After walking close to 30 km we arrive at the supermarket. We devoure the absolute most horrific ready made meatballs a human can eat. When we burp the taste comes up. Lasts 24 hours. On our way to the church a man comes running to us. We just passed the concrete museum. His name is Raphael, he is from Canada. A young soul trapped in a boomers body. The man won’t stop talking. Serious sociopath. He invites us to stay at his house. He tells he’s a drone pilot and that the lake we are passing by used to be a mine. The concrete used for the Statue of Liberty comes from that mine. Blablablabla. He won’t stop. We walk away to the church where we get a warm welcome from pastor Jan. Who thinks we are religious pilgrims. But while showing us his church figures out we’re kind of not. No matter how much we use the words “blessed” and “holy”. He shows us the top of the bell tower. And let’s us stay in the pastorie. Where we eat a horrific but high protein/fibre meal. Tomorrow it will snow.
  1. LilyandOlivier
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  3. Hemmoor