Hohenfelde, Germany - Polarsteps

To wake up in a Church and see that the landscape around you has turned white feels like Christmas in March. We start off a bit weak. We both have ankles that lack attitude. Lilys ankle is stinging and Oliviers ankle is rotten. We have found a place to stay at Merle but it’s a long walk. We choose to at least walk to the river Elbe and see from there. Walking through the landscape of Northern Germany is like a safari. Cranes, deers, woodpeckers, an occasional squirrel, it’s all there. After a while we don’t even bother to tell each other of another flock of deer running through the feelds. But our ankles are getting weaker by the minute. And the Elbe is still far. We walk past a Netto supermarket and because it’s international women’s day Olivier buys Lily some empowering snacks. We are almost at the ferry. When we arrive, there are clouds of geese gathering for there migration back home. It’s a beautiful thing to see animals migrate as they are supposed too. There are no borders, for us there are neither. We cross the river Elbe. 21 kilometers on weak ankles feels like an accomplishment. But it’s still a long road to our host. As we are writing a hitching panel to Hohenfeld. Two construction workers grab our attention saying they are passing there. So we hop in. Two Russian brothers that fix escalators. They drop us at a giant farm where our sweet host Merle is waiting for us. She is a theatre producer and lives in the loft in the top of the farm. We share leftovers and talk about art, love and life. She now has a meeting we are both tired. Tomorrow to Bad Bremsted hopefully with enough ankle to keep going.
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