Husberg, Germany - Polarsteps

After a hefty 10 hours of sleep in our Airbnb, we left Bad Bramstedt at around 9:30 with the promise of snow later on. Yesterday evening was a rough one, and left us totally exhausted. The walk today was a breeze down one straight highway, although a bit desolate with fields and windmills all around. We discussed shocking and horrifying movies that we had seen. We arrived at our destination around 1:30: the hardware store. After eating a dirty currywurst outside, we spent an hour looking for spare tires and inner tubes for our cart. After almost 30km we arrive at our destination, just outside of Neumunster. Olivier checks his ankle and it is absolutely necrotic: you can see beneath the layers of skin and fat, and it looks like a sirloin steak inside. Walking for 4-5 hours each day is preventing it from healing, and a couple of days rest is needed. We are going to find a place to stay in Kiel, a coastal town north of Hamburg, where he can rest - luckily our precious host from Bremerhaven, Moritz, has a few friends there who might be able to help us out.
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