Honigsee, Germany - Polarsteps

We left our AirBnB yesterday at around 10:30, planning to hitch hike to our next Warmshowers location - Lukas agreed to let us stay for 2-3 days on his family's dairy farm so Olivier's ankle can heal. There was a thick layer of snow outside and the sun was shining. After 15-20 minutes of trying to catch a ride, a huge horse trailer pulled up - with horse in the boot - and let us climb in. They took us as far as the next town, Bornhöved, and let us out on the highway. We decided it would be too dangerous and/or illegal to hitch on the motorway so we walked into town and waited by the Aldi. Lukas kindly agreed to come pick us up in his car, so Olivier picked up some groceries so he could cook for the family later to say thanks. We had a fight in the parking lot about being sick of spending all our time together. At the dairy farm, we chatted a bit with Lukas - we are his first ever Warmshowers guests. He showed me around the farm, and I felt a bit bad for the cows. After reading a bit and relaxing in the living room, Olivier cooked a really nice curry and we met Lukas' family. They have a friend who is a doctor specialising in wound treatment who will come by tomorrow morning to check Olivier's ankle - then we will be able to decide how to proceed. We each drank about six glasses of wine and then went to bed.
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