Dannau, Germany - Polarsteps

I left Honigsee at around 10am this morning in persistent rain, looking like a knob in full rain gear plus camelback. I walked 1.5 hours to Preetz to see the World's Biggest Shoe, which turned out to be disappointingly small and unfashionable. I barely had time to write a hitching sign for Plön before an elderly woman, who had just finished shopping at Aldi, walked past and invited me into her jeep (she wasn't even planning on driving that way). She didn't really speak any English but told me that she knew the farm I was going to stay at, and that they make really good cheese. We struggled a bit to get the bolderkar in. In Plön I tried to get as close to the castle as possible, but climbing the steep cobblestone roads was really rubbish with the cart in tow so I ended up going to the edge of the lake instead. It was so windy, and the water was very choppy. I began the 4 hour walk to Dannau along a relatively busy road. The way was very hilly, and there was a lot of mature, Twilight-style coniferous woodland, and the sun was shining. When I arrived at Hof Berg farm at around 3:30pm I had my sleeves pushed up and was super sweaty. Birgit invited me into her cottage and gave me some stew, and then I went to help milk the cows. There are 70 producing milk right now, and they all have names. It was difficult to document my experience while occupied, with my hands constantly full of nipples. I'm going to wake up at 5am tomorrow to help milk them again.
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