Grömitz, Germany - Polarsteps

Early this morning I became a Cheeser. I began with flipping and cutting yesterday's camembert in the Hof Berg Käserei, then brushed salt water onto the firmer 6 month old wheels. Omar and Abdul taught me how to press and form Gouda, and then we had some birthday cake in the kitchen. I ate quite a lot of cheese and they gave me some to take with me. After Brigette and Albert tried out the treadmill, Falk and Renée did also. After the snow stopped I started walking, at around 11:30, to the next town - Högsdorf. After an hour and a half I arrived and planned to hitch to the next town and a half, but there were very few cars on the road and I started to lose hope. Finally a lovely man born in Tanzania stopped by and agreed to take me a bit down the road. We talked about punks, the shortage of dangerous people in other countries, humanism and the Enlightenment, graphic design, alternative medicine, ideology, paganism, Waldorf schools, and cheese. By this time, he had driven me the entire 40 or so kilometers to my destination at Hof Klostersee, and we had followed eachother on Instagram. I walked into the farm shop and immediately bought a liter of chocolate soy milk, which was organic and had a 20% discount. I ate my Hof CamemBerg with bread from Brigitte, and then went back into the shop to bashfully ask if Renée had called and if they were expecting me. They were, and I was led to my very own small red wagon. I explored the farm for a couple of hours, and met a few of the people who live and work here. I have an appointment at 6:30am in the cow shed, and at 9am in the cheese palace. The Newly-Graduated-Artist-To-Travelling-Cheese-Maker Pipeline is a powerful one. I nearly burned down my cabin.
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