Fehmarn, Germany - Polarsteps

I left Hof Kloostersee this morning early, at 8:30, after saying goodbye to everyone at breakfast. Matthias, the cheeser, had his son use the treadmill, who then tried to eat my keys. I walked for 7 hours in total, and ate almost half a kilo of salted cashew nuts, two bananas, and 6 mini Bifi's in succession. I saw one dead deer and one dead cat, both hit by cars. I took a wrong turn just before the bridge to Fehmarn, and had to walk back for half an hour. I then hitched a bus (the driver was kind and let me ride for free) across the bridge. I rode a bit too far and had to turn back again, and walk an extra hour to get to the Warmshowers house. I met Olivier, who was biking, about 40 minutes in, and we sat in the sun on a pile of dirt and drank a Radler. He had expertly hitched three rides, and arrived early in Fehmarn. We attached the cart to the back of the bike and wobbled the rest of the way across the fields. Upon arriving at Simon's house, we helped him to move some furniture around outside. He cooked us a delicious omelet using his own eggs, and a bunch of smoked ham, and let us try his homemade hot sauce. He is an avid gardener and painter, and smokes a cigarette every five minutes.
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