Vordingborg, Denmark - Polarsteps

We had breakfast with Klaus this morning at 8, and he had plenty of suggestions of artists/initiatieven we should visit while in Denmark. We filled in his guest book and then walked to the sea, to walk around Vordingborg a bit while we waited for the kind Romanian couple (who picked us up yesterday) to meet us with a piece of our cart that they welded back together. We saw the old Vordingborg castle ruins and Goose Tower, which is the most intact of it's kind in Scandinavia. Klaus walked on the treadmill and waved us goodbye around midday, whereupon we immediately walked 4km in the wrong direction. The sun was shining however and it was short sleeve weather, so we followed the highway for about 16km in the direction of a shelter by the seaside. Olivier was walking in crocs, and it was a bit uncomfortable as well as bad for the ankle. After realising that the shelter didn't have a water supply, and that we would have to walk the last 5km over rough unpaved terrain, we decided to instead go for a small secluded beach closer to the road. It was a beautiful spot, totally silent and still. We set up our tent and walked a bit into the water, although it was freezing. Olivier cooked pea soup on the gas stove and we picked up some water from a nearby house. We met two local people, one of which lived on a neighbouring farm who said that there should be no problem with us camping here, and the other lived in the closest nearby house and presumably owns the land. He was really friendly and said it was no problem, although both of them warned us about a grumpy fisherman who owns the small boat moored here. We will wake up really early to try and avoid him.
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