Naestved, Denmark - Polarsteps

We wake up early because Olivier couldn’t sleep because he was still traumatised of his almost death by self inflammation. And of course because there was a promise of an angry fisherman we wanted to avoid. Also the tide came in close to two meter from our tent. “ the tide is high but we’re holding on.” We leave early at 06:30. Nature at its finest. Flocks of deer in a foggy landscape. Eyegasm. Lily is still a little tired so she buys a can of Monster energy. It’s a long a wet road to our next destination. Olivier had to poop. So he went into a small forest. After pulling down his pants he realised he was in someone’s garden. But it was to late. The gravity did its work. After walking out of the bush a car stops. He asks very friendly what we are doing in the garden of his friends. We said it was none of his business and kept walking. 30 km of rain. Very wet we arrive in the next town it’s still early 11:30. But Stacy’s an American bistro opens and we sit in the back of a truck. We eat a hot dog, hamburger, milkshake, chicken wings, onion rings. It’s a feast and the waitress had huge knockers. We had a little siesta and then we left for Jush. He lives next to the railroad and is a carpenter. It’s his birthday. And his father comes by. He looks like Santa but is way more fun. The gift we had for Jush, a bottle of vodka, is immediately set to the test as he and Lily are doing shot after shot. Olivier makes a nice curry and they tell beautiful stories about living in Sharm el Sheikh and travelling the world. They are very warm and welcoming characters. But it’s already 21:30 so time for bed.
  1. LilyandOlivier
  2. Sign, Groningen - SAF, Stockholm
  3. Naestved