Naestved, Denmark - Polarsteps

When we woke up this morning, Johs had already left for work. We ate the leftover curry from yesterday and had a relaxed morning, rolling up the air mattress and the bags. Olivier decided today we would try a new configuration of the cart, with the bag balanced on top - one person pulling, and one pushing. It worked well, especially downhill. We walked through the countryside and saw a Confederate flag. I very nearly didn't find a good place to pee, as the landscape was wide open and desolate, but a tree appeared on the horizon just in time. We made sandwiches outside the supermarket on our laps like a couple of bums, with prosciutto and Philadelphia. When we arrived at Jesper's house he greeted us warmly. He had a beautifully furnished open plan house, with lovely ceramics and art on the walls. We chatted to him about our trip and he baked really delicious bread rolls - they had an almost oliebollen-like consistency. After showering Oli took a nap and I read some of my book, and we met Jesper's son. At the dinner table we discussed Yoda, gun violence, and agriculture. Olivier had five bowls of soup, with a fried kale, cabbage, courgette, and bacon topping. Afterwards there were freshly made cinnamon rolls, which Olivier also had five of. The ankle is once again getting infected, so we will visit the doctor tomorrow.
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