Ringsted, Denmark - Polarsteps

The taste of Jesper’s bread in the morning was a tasty kick off of a rather tragic day. Charlotte who used to work as a nurse made an appointment for Olivier at 11:10 at the doctor. Lily would walk ahead to our next destination. But half an hour later she was back. Her already fragmented mosaic phonescreen had met its final resort. So we went to the station while Olivier visited the doctor and got a second badge of antibiotics. We took the train to Ringsted. There we found a place that could fix lilys phone by tomorrow 4. As a reward we ate a kebab. We started to walk towards the Airbnb. Which is situated in an eco village. The entire house is made of hemp. If it burns down, the whole island will be stoned. It was raining and raining and raining. As the last few days were. Tomorrow again. The house we stay in has an obesed snake, a retired golden retriever and three sasy cats. The people are very sweet. But there is no supermarket around. So Lily went on a 1,5 hour run and did groceries. Absolute hero. We made spaghetti bolognese for an orphanage and are now in a food coma. Buone Notte!
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