Roskilde Municipality, Denmark - Polarsteps

The day started with cat puke of the sassy ginger one on the stairs. We ate the rest of the spaghetti. Lily had to wait all day for her phone. So we started playing video games but the PlayStation made a lot of noise. It was raining till 11:00 and after that Olivier left with the cart to our next destination. Lily would join later either by train or hitching. The walk was beautiful. Real Scandinavian landscape; forest and lakes. Rainbows, deers, dead and alive. Olivier arrived at the cute mansion of Christian and Ninny. Christian was there practicing his Dutch. He is multilingual and very erudite. We talked about his career in the army and as a civilian. Soon Ninny came home, a physiotherapist and painter. A free spirit. Lily called and told her phone wasn’t fixed it would happen tomorrow. Bummer. But she would also come to Christian And Ninny after eating a pizza with the mother of our previous host. Christian went to his bridge club to qualify for the local championship. Ninny wanted to smoke grass. So first she cooked Olivier delicious sheep meatballs and cabbage, potato and salad. Ninny grows her own grass and rolled two big pure joints. Then Lily arrived and we smoked. Ninny put on some spiritual lullaby’s and she danced elegantly on the treadmill. It was very much fun and we all got really stoned.
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  2. Sign, Groningen - SAF, Stockholm
  3. Roskilde Municipality