Roskilde, Denmark - Polarsteps

When we woke up this morning, Nini and Christian were already setting up a traditional Danish breakfast, complete with picked herring, capers, onions, and rye bread. With Christian we had a shot of liquor, as it kickstarts the metabolism. He later had a chance to walk on the treadmill, which he elected to do nude; he whipped off his morning robe and slipped up our rubber road. To normalise nudity and nobody no matter what age should be ashamed of what your body looks like. But to celebrate our bodies. Shortly afterwards, Olivier left in the car with Christian and got a lift to Roskilde. Nini showed me her archive of paintings, and I met her brother who is an inventor. I read my book for a few hours while Nini dropped her brother home. When she got back we had a tasting board of 16 different flavoured paté and talked relationships. I got the train back to Ringstedt and the weaselly phone repair goblin behind the counter made an excuse (for the third day in a row) why he couldn't fix my phone, and why I should stay with him at his house if I didn't have a place. I was pissed and I caught up with Olivier at Roskilde. Olivier had visited the town that day. The Viking boat museum and the Cathedral. We wandered around looking for, and failing to find, a place to fix it. We went into a supermarket and bought a new one, then walked to our Warmshowers host for the night. Olivier made another delicious curry in an exchange for a haircut from Rie. We chatted with Rie about politics, retirement, and the elevation in Sweden. Olivier's ankle looks like cherry cobbler.
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