Helsingborg, Sweden - Polarsteps

Reinout had some proper Dutch breakfast articles set up at the table. Calve pindakaas and de Ruyter hagelslag. We talked about the continuation of our journey and he said he would drop us at his windsurfing club. So it would be a pretty way along the coast. It was pretty; beautiful rich houses on the cliffs of Denmark. In the distance we could see Sweden. But after a while it was completely covered in clouds. Clouds that were coming our way. First little snowflocks later a whole cloud of them falling down on us. It became colder and windier. But we reached the very, where we ate a hot dog. 20 minutes were passed and we arrived in Sweden. First things first we went to a McDonalds where we devoured a mcvegan and a double cheeseburger. Then we left to drop our cart at the warm showers host Frederick. We left the cart in the garden of his neighbour and both needed to go to the toilet. We went on a search. But Lily thought the pizzeria place was too shady. The bushes were too much see through for me. In the end we ended up buying a falafel just for the shit. The falafel was also quite good. Then we went groceries shopping so we could make Frederick a nice vegan meal. He liked it. We were still looking for a place to sleep for the next day. So we even looked on tinder to see for possibilities. Possibilities enough but there was also a cheap Airbnb. So we didn’t have to whore ourselves out.
  1. LilyandOlivier
  2. Sign, Groningen - SAF, Stockholm
  3. Helsingborg