Hillerod, Denmark - Polarsteps

After waking up in our luxuriously warm Airbnb and taking one last glance back towards the jacuzzi, we began a very long walk to Hillerød. We walked through woodlands and saw an abandoned stroller by the side of the road - a free baby! We will exhibit him at the art fair. It began to rain excessively, on and off. We waited for twenty minutes inside a bus shelter in complete silence. The rain was icy - the temperature below freezing. Not looking promising for our future wildcamping endeavours. When we arrived in the town, we were starving and tried to find a place to eat. We settled on a pizza/kebab store; signs on the walls indicated Ramadan. I ordered a kebab pizza sandwich, Oli a Hawaiian pizza with turkey bacon, and two beers. My hands were so cold I could not hold the knife and fork for a while. We had some time to kill so we went into the mall and had a hot chocolate. It began to snow heavily outside, so we waited until it stopped before continuing to walk. The snow began again and we completed the last half an hour to Reinout's house, a friendly Dutch man from warm showers. They weren't yet home so we wasted some time playing kick the stick/attack the tak. A demented old lady offered us tea inside her home while we wait, but remembering the tale of Hansel and Gretel we politely declined. Reinout and his Danish wife cooked us a wonderful minestrone, with homemade bread, and gave us some wine and beer. We talked about football, Denmark, art school, and windsurfing.
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