Strovelstorp, Sweden - Polarsteps

We felt a bit like shit when we woke up in Helsingborg, I think. We were fed up and struggling to find places to sleep in Sweden. After getting our stuff together and watching an episode of The Last of Us on Frederick's massive TV we went to a local shop and made cream cheese, salami, and cucumber pitas. I thought I lost my wallet but I didn't. We soon find out that in Sweden, the Kar is King - they don't give a single shit about pedestrians. I think, conspiratorially, that by championing the auto a monopoly on movement is being made, and you can only get places by either owning a car, buying a bus ticket, or pushing cash in some way or another. There weren't any pavements and it was sketchy, but Jesus, land on all sides of the road is privately owned at all times. If you don't have the right to walk places you don't have the right to do shit. But we just ignored the occasional beeps from motorists and ploughed on. We saw our first IKEA. When we arrived at the Airbnb we were early, but the key was in the lock. Oli made chilli and we cracked open a bottle of vodka, mixing it with isotonic hydration powder like a sick and twisted Smirnoff Ice. We made plans to derail all of our plans, I plucked Olivier's unibrow, and we went to bed.
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