Ljungby kommun, Sweden - Polarsteps

Big hangover this morning! Big dehydration. Our hosts left early to go to their granddaughters first birthday party, so we rose late and Olivier made bacon and eggs. We decided last night that we would stay in Ljungby an extra night, in order to finally fulfill the dream of seeing a moose in it's habitat. We again borrowed a couple of bikes and rode 20km in the bright crispy sunshine. Bikes feel like cheating. We arrived at the moose park in a remote, densely forested area, totally sweaty. We paid the entrance fee and got a fistful of birch shoots to force-feed the poor moose, who were simply trying to go about their day, for our own sick entertainment. It was fabulous and we bothered them for at least half an hour. Their noses were surprisingly droopy and they looked prehistoric; I really believed that I knew already what a moose looked like, but nothing could have prepared me. They looked like CGI, and their velvety lips were decidedly kissable. They made grunty little cooing sounds to eachother, which made me feel like crying but I didn't. We also cuddled two fat little minipigs. On the way back there was a brutal direct headwind. We were tired and our asses were sore as hell, and we barely made it to a grocery store back in Ljungby where we promptly made parking-lot sandwiches and devoured them. Olivier made, that's right, yet another impeccable curry. They truly never get old and taste better every time. We even forced down another couple of beers somehow. We are dead tired.
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