Jönköping, Sweden - Polarsteps

With sore as hell legs from yesterday's windy cycle, we had breakfast with our hosts - eggs and bacon, with homemade bread. They waved us off and we walked in silence to the bus stop. We had had a very serious conversation that morning where a lot of dirt and shit had been offloaded from chests, and we were feeling a bit sour on eachother. After an hour on the bus (mooseless) we arrived at the station. We had such a long way to travel due to there being very few places to stay in Sweden. I couldn't get a ticket in time and we missed our train, and were forced to re-evaluate. We had two gas station hotdogs as brain food, and got on a train to Jönköping - fuck it. Olivier nearly pissed into a plastic bag due to the train toilet being out of order, but the train conductor broke open the door instead. About ten people refused our warmshowers requests and we were desperate. In Jönköping we had a meltdown and discussed very unethical ways of cutting short the project - examples will not be given here as they might still be employed in desperate times. We then remembered that WWOOF exists (thank you Maruna) and have booked a week-long stay on an organic farm, where we will make organic beer and cider, and get organically wasted every day. We might also harvest vegetables.
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