Odeshog, Sweden - Polarsteps

After spending one last magical night in Jönköping, we rolled down to the train station to get a bus to Gränna. We each had a hotdog. From Gränna, we had 28km to walk to our home for the next week and a bit, an ecological farm deep in the forest. We had to follow one long, straight road, with the biggest European lake on our left and a sheer, snowy, forested cliff on our right. It was a beautiful route, with some light snowfall; the ground was already covered in snow from a couple days prior. We came across a young deer that was frozen in place beside the road. It looked sick or injured, so I thought I would walk down the steep slope it was standing on to check it out. It didn't run away, and I let my intrusive thoughts win and picked it up. I walked it back up the slope, falling once on my ass, and brought it out into the sun to warm up. The deer was responsive but obviously in shock. Oli called a local animal rescue, then walked to the nearest house to see if they wanted to help the deer as we had to keep walking to arrive before dark. I dried the deer off with my towel, and got covered in hair, dirt, snow, and a bit of blood. Oli came back with a Swede in tow, who had called someone to take care of the deer. He told us that it was as good as dead already, and before long a man arrived in a van with a shotgun and shot it twice without warning. We were a bit traumatised, and continued on our way. A few kilometres down the road, I noticed that one of the tires was split and close to exploding. We wrapped some twine around it, and then noticed that the bearing of a second wheel had been destroyed. The cart was hanging on by literal threads and barely made it to a gas station, where we replaced the wheel and consumed two more hotdogs each. Karin, who owned the ecological farm, gave us her daughter's number, who agreed to pick us up on her way home from work. The farm is absolutely magical, in a very remote forest covered in snow. We have our own small cabin, and there's no running water. We're going to stay here for a week or so and live out our rural apocalypse survivalist dreams.
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