Ödeshög, Sweden - Polarsteps

We have fully adapted to our winter forest fairy lifestyle. Yesterday was spent chopping wood, varnishing a cabin floor, and doing laundry in a frozen lake. Olivier cooked a vegan chilli and we discussed death and dying, and our serene collective ambivalence to the climate crisis and how it will bring about the apocalypse. Sweden is a good place to endure the end of civilization due to its abundance of wild animals and natural resources. After lunch we had a break, during which we laid in bed in our cold cabin and thought about our lives. I ate about 7 Werther's Originals and an entire packet of HobNobs. After that I called with Noor to brainstorm our presentation in Stockholm, and walked around in the forest. At 7pm we went to an African drumming jam session in Karin's cabin. We each chose a drum from the rec room. Karin had set the lights down low and lit some incense, and about 3 extra people arrived - we were about 8 people in total. We improvised rhythms and got into a trance like state, for almost two hours without break. Afterwards, we chatted with Karin's friends about shamanism and they told us about the Sundance ritual, a kind of festival held in Sweden during summer where they met. For three days, hundreds of people don't eat food and only dance and drink water. When they feel ill they take electrolytes. The result is that a magical dome of high frequency energy is created in the forest and everyone gets really high. We talked a bit about our walk and it's struggles. This morning we had porridge as usual in Karin's cabin, then went to cut saplings in the forest clearings. We finished around midday, and Oli is now making lunch.
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