Linköping, Sweden - Polarsteps

Although we had a magical few days in the commune with Karin, it felt really good to get back on the road again. After 9am porridge club with Jasmin and Magnus, the other wwoofers, we cleared out our cabin and got our stuff together. The bearings on one wheel had fallen apart, so we stuffed a piece of hose onto the axel and covered it in grease. We said our good-byes and walked for 45 minutes into Odeshög. We had a bit of time before the bus came so we had an Easter themed lunch. The bus took us to Mjolby, where we jumped on a train to Linkoping. The cart is now barely holding together and pieces are falling off every hour. We had another hour's walk to our warmshowers host, and the sun was shining. Almost all the snow has now melted. We stopped at a McDonald's for some WiFi and reflected that our walking is almost at an end, while we waited for Heinz to return home. He made us a delicious curry and we played some Frank Zappa on his record player. Two beers later, we began an intense discussion in his living room about Noam Chomsky, survivalism, marriage, relationship problems, nuclear power, moose hunting, immigration, and gun violence in Sweden. He gave us a local cake made of cheese curds and vanilla, served with cream and jam, and we went to bed.
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