Habo-Tibble, Sweden - Polarsteps

What do you wanna be when you are grown up? And. How are you? These are two questions that have been bothering me for the last two weeks. The first question indicates that there is a will to be something and there is the fact that you are growing up. You owe something to life itself. You are getting old so you must want to be something before you are too old and are still nothing. As an artist you can say I am inspired by my inner child. Today I want to be a farmer. Looking at a machine that cleans grains. I don't want to go to a mental health institution. Maybe it is better to be an artist. Tomorrow I want to be a horse and pull a carriage full of stuff on a dusty road. How are you? Would you ask such a question to a horse? Maybe farmers would do that. Talk to their horse not expecting anything in response. Just to kill the silence. It's really quiet at a farm not that there is no noise. Sheeps, tractors, chickens even people. Yesterday I farted 46 times. Not to reassure myself of still existing. We have a strict vegan diet over here. Dimitri, the French intern, is sure that it's the soy yoghurt. There is a cat with sharp nails. I burned my face. But how are you? Did you grow up? Did you become anything? You can always try farming. Ecological farming. Even better. There are always pebbles in the grass to be sorted out. Stay safe and don't forget to pray. For a good harvest.
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