Manapouri, New Zealand - Polarsteps

We spent one night in Manapouri. Early the next morning we took an hour boat ride across Lake Manapouri and then a 40 minute bus ride to reach the fiord, Doubtful Sound. Doubtful Sound was named by Captain Cook, because he was doubtful, that if he entered, he would be able to make it out safely with his ship. Although the fiord receives rain over 200 days out of the year, we lucked out and had beautiful weather! We kayaked a total of 8 hours, with seven other people, over two days and camped one night. The only down fall were the horrendous sand flies which attacked only on land. Doubtful is very peaceful and remote. We came across bottlenose dolphins, one seal, birds, waterfalls and fish. The Seal is seen in one of these pictures. Can you spot it!? Sand flies trying to get into our tent. DIRECTLY BELOW
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