Municipio de Tolhuin, Argentina - Polarsteps

We had a slow start in the morning and left our camp around 10:30 a.m. After 10km, we craved some coffee and stopped at a restaurant where we also had some croissants and company by a cute dog! We then made it across Paso Garibaldi where we were rewarded with a beautiful view. In the afternoon, we headed to Tolhuin. Overall, it was a sunny, relatively warm day and we even experienced some strong tailwind 🙏 In Ushuaia, someone recommended us to stay at a local bakery in Tolhuin which is quite famous for its products! We actually ended up sleeping in two beds in the basement of the bakery where lots of cyclists have slept before us :) We even got a little tour around the bakery and tried some baked goods and self-made chocolates for free.😍 The hospitality has been amazing in Argentina so far!
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