Municipio de Río Grande, Argentina - Polarsteps

From our accommodation at the farm, "Estancia Viamonte", it was only about 40 km to get to Río Grande! We wanted to stay one night in the city to get some rest and wash clothes. On the way to Rio Grande, it turned out that the headwind would make the short stage a tough one! It took us around five hours as we were also hit by cold rain. As Antonia struggled with a bit of knee pain, we decided to spent two nights in Rio Grande - the international capital of the trout 😂 We found a host via Warmshowers who was extremely welcoming. He let us into his house even though he wasn't home himself at first. We were able to cook, do laundry and we even had a room for ourselves. On our last night, we could join him and his girlfriend for a yoga class to prepare our bodies for the next stage heading to Chile. Regarding Antonia's knee pain, we made some adjustments to her saddle, so hopefully, it will get better during the next days 😊
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