Complejo fronterizo San Sebastián - Cabecera Argentina, Argentina - Polarsteps

We were happy to be back on the road again heading to the Argentinean-Chilean border! Toni's knee seemed a lot better today and the snack situation was on point! Fighting another awful headwind for 75 km was a little frustrating, but we tried to maintain a good mood! Additionally, there was not a lot to see but plain Patagonian desert landscapes and a few cows and sheep. Our highlight were the last 5 km when the wind stopped and we had a nice downhill section next to the Atlantic with an amazing view! This was the only time we managed to go faster than 20km/h. We arrived at the border around 15:00 in the afternoon where we decided to spend the night at the free shelter right next to the border police station. We had a hot shower and even a small kitchen and fell asleep quite early to get up on time for the border crossing.
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