Tierra del Fuego, Chile - Polarsteps

The toughest 25 km we've ever experienced! We knew there was going to be a strong headwind today, so we had very low expectations regarding the distance we were going to make. We crossed the border in the morning. Leaving Argentina was not a problem at all, but the Chilean borders usually take quite long as they follow a strict customs protocol and thoroughly check the luggage for fruit/seeds (which are not allowed to enter to Chile). Luckily, they let us pass rather quickly and we stopped at the first shop/cafe right after the border. We had a coffee and a lunch snack and decided to spend a few hours there waiting for the worst storm to pass. But all of the sudden the shop owner told us he had to close and we found ourselves a bit stressed out as we quickly had to buy food for the next three days. This also meant we would have to continue riding facing terrible winds. We had 10km left to reach the next shelter. It took us only 2 hours to get there 🥲 We spent the afternoon snacking and watching Netflix!
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