Porvenir, Chile - Polarsteps

Knowing that the wind would stop - or at least ease off a bit - for a whole day, we tried to make the most of it! Our next stop was Porvenir. This meant we would have to ride 125km, including a 100km gravel section with quite a few up- and downhill sections. We left our shelter early in the morning and enjoyed the first tarmac section as well as the unusual speed (almost no winds - yay!) After 25km, the gravel section started. On a positive note, the landscape started to change again and became more diverse with nice sea views. However, riding on gravel is a lot slower than on tarmac even though we had the perfect bikes for it (thanks to STEVENS). Our butts started to hurt and we had to stop more often for snacks and eventually for some pasta! 10km before Porvenir we were excited to finally see a nice tarmac road again. We arrived around 7:30 p.m. and treated ourselves to a nice accommodation with comfy beds and a kitchen. The owner of the hostel - Christian - took us to a little shop and shared a pizza with us in the company of his little cat. We spent the entire Friday mostly relaxing in the hostel and we organized cash as well as new SIM cards for Chile. In the evening, we caught the 2-hour ferry to Punta Arenas where we will spend two more nights to rest and prepare for the next longer stage heading North 😊
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