Laguna Blanca, Chile - Polarsteps

Today's ride was just not meant to be. We started early in the morning to avoid the worst winds - turns out they were already awful in the morning. After 18km, riding became impossible, so we tried to push our bikes. Even pushing didn't work as the wind blew us constantly to the side, we could barely hold onto our bikes. It became too dangerous, so we decided to hitch to the next village which was 28 km away. When we loaded our bikes off the truck, we realized that Toni's bike had a flat tyre which didn't contribute to the mood... After fixing the tyre, only fries and beer could make us feel better! We decided to stay in the village and asked at the local police station for a place to sleep. The chief Pablo showed us to a horse barn where we could pitch our tent and even offered us a hot shower! He completely turned our day around and we went to bed excited for the next day which could only get better!
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