Estancia Tapi Aike, Argentina - Polarsteps

Today was one of our best cycling days yet!!! We started around noon thinking we wouldn't come very far. Our first goal: To cross the Argentinean border and make it to Rio Turbio. After a tough climb up a pass, we said goodbye to Chile and were welcomed by the town of the rabbits. We treated ourselves to a huge pizza that we shared and thought about how to carry on. Since our legs felt great and our motivation was high, we decided to keep pedaling as long as we felt like it. We ended up doing another 80km which added up to a total of 110km for the day. With a lovely tailwind, we cycled into the night and arrived at a road worker station in the middle of nowhere where we could sleep in a container room for the night and even received a hot shower for free 😊 it feels good to be back in Argentina!
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