Lago Argentino, Argentina - Polarsteps

Starting our day, we knew there would be a 66km gravel route ahead of us. What we didn't know was how mentally and physically challenging it was gonna be... After the first kilometer on the road, we were already frustrated and our butts started to hurt. This was one of the worst roads we have ever encountered (so far!). Huge rocks and slippery parts made it almost impossible to ride on the majority of the route. We could barely enjoy the beautiful landscape as we mostly had to concentrate on the dirt road. But af least, the sun was shining and we could ride in shorts for the first time! On top of that, we were able to observe dung beetles (very exciting), flamingos and condors which gave us reasons to stop and give our butts and our hands a break! Besides nature and animal highlights, we encountered an abandoned police station where other cyclists had slept before. However, we had time to carry on to the end of the dirt road back onto the famous Route 40. We found shelter at another road worker station where we could pitch our tent and got some homemade bread by one of the workers! :)
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