Perito Moreno, Argentina - Polarsteps

Although Antonia's legs felt a little bit better in the morning, they weren't ready for the tough route ahead of us which would've involved a lot of vertical meters. Since we don't want to risk anything regarding our health, we decided to hitch to the next city Perito Moreno to get some proper rest after a hard week of cycling. It turned out to be quite the challenge as not a lot of pick-ups pass through Bajo Caracoles on a Sunday morning. We ended up waiting for 5 hours until finally a Chilean truck driver, Pablo, could take us and our bikes. In Perito Moreno, we stayed with a local who owns a boxing school and offers travellers a cheap place. Jorge welcomed us like a part of the family and organized a typical Argentinean barbeque (asado) on the first night - with vegetables for us - including good music and beers! On our rest day, we cleaned our bikes together with Edouard, a cyclist from France who stayed at Jorge's place as well! After two nights in Perito Moreno, we were ready to hit the road again!
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