Municipio de Los Antiguos, Argentina - Polarsteps

In Perito Moreno, we charged our batteries with baked goods and left the town with the company of Edouard, the French cyclists who is also headed to the Carretera Austral. On today's menu was a 60 km ride to the small border town Los Antiguos. We rode along a beautiful lake, but it was too cold for swimming - at least for us! Antonia's leg felt better, but we still went slowly, also because there was a strong headwind. In Los Antiguos - the town of the cherries - we found out that the ferry in Chile wouldn't leave until two days later, so we decided to stay in Argentina for another night. Although we asked around, we didn't find a place with a local person, so after a beer, we went to the local campsite (~2€ per person).
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