Chile Chico, Chile - Polarsteps

As we still had one more night to wait for the ferry to leave, we just had the goal of crossing the border to the village of Chile Chico today. Again, we had "facturas" (baked goods) before the 20 km ride. They are the most affordable and delicious snack, you can get here. We then crossed the border and luckily had a longer chat to one of the guys from customs. Diego gave us his number and invited us to go to his house after he finished work. While waiting at a bakery, we changed our SIM cards and talked to the owners. They also offered us a place to stay. So far, we have felt very welcomed being back in Chile! As we couldn't find Diego's address on the map, the owner from the bakery offered us to show us the way with his car. This escort service ended up slowing down the traffic a bit 😂 Diego did not only share his home with us, but also went out with us for drinks and dinner. At the end of the night, we went up a viewpoint where we could see Chile Chico from the top!
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