Coyhaique, Chile - Polarsteps

Although the ferry was fully booked, we still managed to get a last minute ticket for us and our bikes (~4€ pP). The three hour ferry ride took us from Chile Chico to Puerto Ibañez where we started our ride towards the Carretera Austral. Within the first kilometres, we were rewarded with gorgeous landscapes. However, it was quite tough as we mostly climbed on today's ride until we reached the highest point at 1050 meters! We also got to experience a little bit of rain for a change, but the mountains gave us protection from the wind! The absolute highlight was for us to see two "huemules" (native deer species) from very close!!! Reaching the Carretera Austral meant a huge milestone for us. At the beginning of our journey, it seemed almost as far away as Alaska. In the National Park Cerro Castillo, we found the perfect campsite. As the high season hasn't started yet, it was officially closed, but we still had access to one shelter where we could sleep and cook protected from the wind and rain. All we could ask for 😊
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