Aisén, Chile - Polarsteps

With a delicious coffee, breakfast and a rich lunch in our bellies, we started our ride in the late afternoon. Today's choice of layers was the most challenging aspect of our ride. Within 10 minutes, the weather changed from cold to humid heat or from clear blue sky to downpour rain and hail. We constantly stopped to put waterproofs on or take them off... Eventually, we managed to ride roughly 60 km and spontaneously stopped at a small farm. The owners had a little family get-together going on and we just asked them if we could put up our tent under a roof. They ended up giving us a room in their unfinished construction building and even put up an electric heater for us. They mentioned that it was the first time that cyclists stopped at their place. But they seemed to be happy about sharing their home and stories about their lives 🙏♥️
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