Lago Verde, Chile - Polarsteps

Today was pretty much one of the 10/10 days. We got a free coffee and breakfast and Erzia even gave us some freshly baked bread for the road. The Carretera Austral was stunning, the tarmac very smooth and the first 30 km felt like flying. We reached a small town where we wanted to buy some fruit. Surprisingly, the owner of the shop didn't want us to pay: "Just take it!" She loves to support people passing through the village. Even though we are not sure, how she is earning her money we thankfully accepted! We rode another 60 km until we reached the small village Villa Amengual. As other cyclists have recommended us the "Refugio para Ciclistas", we decided to go there. At the little hostel for cyclists, we ran into two Germans and two French people. And excitingly, we also met the first two female solo cyclists of our trip (from Poland and Scotand) 💪🔥 Both of them are heading South though.
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