Chaitén, Chile - Polarsteps

This was by far the wettest day of our Longest Ride so far!!! Nino made sure we had some bread for the ride and even organized us a place to sleep in the next town - Chaitén! (As you will find out, we changed our plans, so we didn't end up staying there, however...) After half an hour into the ride, we were completely soaked again and it never stopped raining! At a small food truck, we stopped for coffee and could warm up next to a fire place. The owner even gave us a discount as we didn't have small change to pay and he seemed to feel sorry for us. For the next 60 km, we pushed through the rain, motivated by donations coming in for World Bicycle Relief. On the last 10 km, we had a headwind like back in Argentinean Patagonia and horizontal downpour rain. It was insane! Chaitén apparently was on the news that day because of the extreme rainfalls!!! 😅 Arriving to Chaitén, we found out that there was a night ferry leaving for our next big stop - Puerto Montt - the very same night with very cheap tickets. So, we spontaneously booked the ferry to go to Puerto Montt at midnight (~9 hour ride). The ferry left with a huge delay, but there was lots of space, so we could set up "camp" for a comfy sleep on the ferry boat. Best decision!!!
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