Osorno, Chile - Polarsteps

After a delicious breakfast with Laura and Diego, we headed back onto the highway. From Puerto Varas to Santiago, we have roughly 1000 km left to cycle on the highway - even further than heading from the Northernmost to the Southernmost point of Germany! 😅 Our plan was to cycle as long as we felt like it. Despite the headwind, we made fast progress. The drivers were overall really respectful and tried to keep there distance from the shoulder. We saw another cycle tourist heading the other way and we briefly waved. 15 minutes later someone shouted from behind. We saw that the guy turned around and apparently had cycled all the way back to talk to us. It turned out that we were the first cyclists he saw after leaving Santiago a month ago, so we exchanged a few information and took a picture. After 80 km, we started looking for a place to sleep and spotted a football/tennis court on the map. When we got there, the gate was locked, so we wrote the owner who immediately came and ended up offering us to sleep in their house. Rosana, Pablo and their kids quickly turned into a short-time host family for us. We shared dinner and their 10-year-old son offered us to stay in his bedroom for the night.
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